Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Business is Born

Welcome to my all new crafts and creations blog! Before I dive head first into my school work I thought I'd start a blog separate from our family blog and facebook. I recently rediscovered my love of crocheting! My grandmother taught me when I was younger, and when I had my little girl 7 months ago I decided to pick the hook up again. It all started when I couldn't find big cute bows for her little precious head. I did some online research and saw the CUTEST crocheted hat and thought to myself "i can totally do that!" so I did! After posting pictures of Adalyn wearing the hats on facebook everyone started asking me to make hats for them. Ergo BlM Crafts & Creations was born. You can check out my facebook page BlM Crafts & Creations for my current products for sale!

Since I am still refreshing and teaching myself the tricks of the trade I would appreciate any help and advise as I blog along. I have been dabbling in my own patterns as well as purchasing patterns on etsy. Stay tuned for the cutest newborn soft monkey hat pattern I made for a friend who is expecting tomorrow! I haven't written it down yet so bare with me. I'd also love to hear where you like to find your yarn. I could seriously spend hours and sometimes do spend hours in the yarn section of hobby lobby and walmart. I want to know what your favorites are and where you find the best buys!


  1. thank you! i think those baby girls need some hats :)