Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meeska Mooska Adalyn's Turning Oneska!

Normally I'd post this on our family blog, however, when it comes to throwing a party I think crafts and craftiness (word? is now!). So here we are. Let's plan this party!

First off, I LOVE ETSY! I buy lots of stuff on etsy, but what I love most is getting ideas from the amazing crafters. I will be making most of the items myself for Adalyn's 1st Birthday Party, but there are a few I will be purchasing. Like these super cute BLOOMERS from Stitcheroos:

I'm very confident I could make them myself, but I have yet to dive into the world of embroidering!

If you can't tell from the photo our theme is MINNIE MOUSE! Adalyn loves Mickey and Minnie and even got to meet them in Disney World this past Christmas. I havent decided yet if we are going to do the traditional zebra print associated with the Minnie theme. Chances are I will, but I am going to try and do as little as possible. I love girly things now that I have my wonderful baby girl, but over the top girly is just not my style.

Now what does every 1st birthday need?! A CAKE... duh! We are going to have the traditional mini cake for her to destroy and then I am going to make cupcakes. I am counting on miss Megan Boren to help me out with those! Now what do you guys think... cupcake toppers or fondant toppers?!

Option 1: Tradition, Simple minnie ear toppers:

Option 2: Fondant Toppers

Both are super cute and I just may have to do some of each. But what do you think?! If we do fondant I want it to taste good because who wants to have to remove icing from a cupcake before you eat it? That takes all the fun out of eating a cupcake. Also, have you tried Walmart cake lately?! FRICKIN PHENOMINAL!

These are just a few things on my mind lately getting ready for the party. Have any minnie mouse ideas or know of any websites with awesome minnie mouse party supplies?! Let me know! I only have 3 months!


  1. You have amazing ideas! I can't wait to see what all you come up with so I can be jealous :)

  2. hello was wondering where you got the diaper cover i am doing the minnie mouse 1st birthday theme could you please email me at thanks alot