Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Satin Flower Tutorial

This is a super easy, super fun satin flower tutorial! Let's skip all the chit chat tonight and get right to it:
(Please excuse my aweful photography skills, i'm working on getting a new camera!)

This is all you need!

Step 1: Start by cutting out 5-6 circles of satin material. I start with an approximately 2 inch circle and make them a little smaller each time. To achieve the petal look, do NOT cut a perfect circle.

Step 2: Using a heat source of some kind (I use a lighter) singe the edges of the circles. If you use a lighter be careful not to burn the edges. Too much exposure will turn them black and you'll have to cut it off and start over.

Step 3: Hot glue each layer together and add an embellishment. That's it! You're done!
I cut out 6 circle and only used 5 in this tutorial. Use your best judgement as you go along. The larger your starting circle the more layers you'll need to achieve this look.

Step 4: Add the flower to a headband, broach, bobby pin, etc.

In this tutorial I super glued the flower to an extra large bobby pin.
If you're attaching this to a headband I recommend adding felt to the back as shown below.

I also added a swarovski crystal, but earls are pretty too!

Love it! Now go make one, or two, or four!

Remember the flower I made from Craftsnob's tutorial?! Well I made it into a headband. Check it out:

First I cut a strip of elastic 17 3/4" long to fit Adalyn's pretty little head :)

I hot glued the ends together and then hot glued the flower at the seam.

I typed super glue but I actually used hot glue!
This helps to make sure the seam doesn't leave any kind of mark on the babies head.
Felt is super cheap and soft enough for baby.

Finished product!
Thanks again to Craftsnob for the awesome flower tutorial!

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