Monday, March 21, 2011

Headband Postcards

It's still up for debate who dropped my camera at Disney World this past Christmas. My husband and I have conflicting stories, and until I get a new one I have been using his old camera.
We all know a good etsy shop needs good pictures or your product isn't appealing to others. Since I am just starting out I've been trying new ways to spruce up my at home pictures of my products to make them more appealing to they eye.

Tips for taking good etsy pictures:

1. Take pictures outside!

The pictures I take outside look WAY better than inside.

2. Auction setting: I found an auction setting on my husband's camera. They turn out a whole lot clearer than the normal auto focus setting.

3. Use props: i.e. wine glasses and postcards

I got these postcards from vistaprint for FREE! I just had to pay shipping and handling.

They made this:

Look like this!

Pretty fancy huh?!
I picked up the fabric behind the card down at a resell shop here in Windsor. Paid $.50!

Time to get these babies on etsy!
Wanna BUY one!?

I really need to get a photographer and some models for a photo shoot this spring.
Until then, feast your eyes on this beautiful little lady!

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