Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ok ok, so I may be craft and computer savy but I am definately not blog savy yet. Rookie, I know. Can anyone tell me why the boxes on the right hand side of my blog are all scrunching together?! I have the same template design on my family blog and they don't seem to do this.

See.. I can take a picture of my screen and add text yet I can't figure out HTML. GrRRrrRrr...

Any help here would be much appreciated! HTML and I don't get along so well... I have a lot to learn :/

Maybe thats why I only have 1 follower (thank you tawny!).... hmmMMmMmm

... someone please help!

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  1. okay so i just removed the archive and it somehow works out? one minute it's fine and the next it's bunched again. i think it's playing with my emotions!