Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Those are Diaper Boxes?!

Tonight as I was unloading yet another box of diapers into the canvas bins inside Adalyn's changing table I thought to myself "what a waste of a perfectly good box." Little did I know I was going to stumble upon this AHH-MAZING blog that would show me just how NOT to throw the diaper box away!

Now that is one crafty momma! I am so excited about this project that I'm half tempted to haul the sewing machine out of the closet right now. Yes I said closet. I really need a craft room all to myself. Note to husband: YOU CAN HAVE A MAN CAVE IF I CAN HAVE A CRAFT ROOM! Not that you're reading this, but it was worth a shot ;)

I'll be making a hobby lobby run on Thursday and number one on my shopping list is now canvas fabric! I'll update you on my progress as I go. So excited I'm going to get more than just diapers for $25 a box!

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